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The Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada (Clarica) head office 1

227 King Street South 1.JPG
The Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada (Clarica) head office was built ill 1912. Note the columns, stone carvings and wrought iron fence.

Designated: November 19, 1979

The head office of the Mutual Life Assurance CO. of Canada was opened in 1912. Designed by prominent Toronto architect Frank Darling, the impressive structure was built on 6.79 acres of land purchased in 1909. Incorporated in December, 1868, as the Ontario Mutual Life Assurance Company, the firm obtained a Dominion Charter in 1878. The company has operated under its present name since 1900. Among the earliest company officials were Isaac Bowman, M.P. and Moses Springer, M.P.P A building on King Street North served as the first headquarters of the company. As the business continued to grow, the Devitt Block on Erb Street provided a suitable location. Until 1912, the firm occupied a stone and red brick building, which they had built in 1879, at the corner of Albert and Erb Streets. The 1912, building is constructed with narrow light-brown and yellow Roman brick, paneled gray stone quoins, carved stone pediments, and stone carving in a floral and leaf pattern below the cornice. Terra cotta, made in England, was imported for decorative parts of the facade. Two pairs of Ionic columns frame the front entrance and an imposing balustrade surrounds the roof. The south and east facades are recognized for this designation.
Title: The Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada (Clarica) head office 1
Keywords: The Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada (Clarica) head office, 227 King Street South, Waterloo, columns, stone carvings, wrought iron fence, Frank Darling, Ontario Mutual Life Assurance Company, Isaac Bowman, Moses Springer, yellow Roman brick, Terra cotta, England, imported, Point of View, Mapconnects,
Copyright: Point of View
Photographer: Mapconnects
Language: English
Associated Dates: 1912, November 19, 1979, 1909, 1868, 1878, 1900, 1879,

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227 King Street South, Waterloo, ON

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Wednesday October 28, 2009

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